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Mazen Yones Muhammed


Background: Peyronie’s disease and erectile dysfunction is common related pathological condition and single treatment for both conditions is the goal.

Objective: To report our practice in the managing of patients with Peyronie’s disease associated with erectile dysfunction.

Patients and Methods: This study was carried out during the period of 2014-2018, twenty-one adult patients (39-68) years were treated by malleable penile implant surgery. All patients presented with Peyronie’s disease associated with erectile dysfunction. The sorts of additional maneuvers and their achievement in additional straightening the residual curvature have been stated.

Results: We deliberate medical conditions that have an association between erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease and performing straightening procedures, modeling was successful in decrease penile curvature and Patient satisfaction rates 80% for both patients, partners have been reported in this literature.

Conclusion: However, when Peyronie’s disease exists with ED, the gold standard treatment is penile prosthesis surgery with additional straightening procedures.


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