Diyala Journal of Medicine (DJM) was established according to the agreement of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research-foundation of as per authorization letter Number 12c/2433 on 19th August 2010. then, started to receive different manuscripts in all fields of medicine including clinical medicine and surgery, basic medical sciences, dentist, and pharmacology.Diyala Journal of Medicine is open access to all the published articles and all of them are available on the Internet to all the users directly upon publication. Diyala Journal of Medicine Usually deals with articles closely related to clinical problems more common in Iraq and the Middle East. DJM is publishing 4 issues per year. The DJM is a scientific referred journal published by the College of Medicine – University of Diyala, Baqubah, Diyala, Iraq. This Journal is sponsored by the University of Diyala. The University of Diyala is a governmental university that follows the laws and the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Iraq. DJM has a printed ISSN of 2219-9764 and an Electronic ISSN of 2617-8982. DJM is reviewing rules relayed on a secure evaluation, which are done by senior reviewers that have related research experience. The considered articles are written in the English language with Arabic abstracts.DJM Publisher Owner is University of Diyala.


Impact of Toxoplasmosis in Im-mune Respons in Hemodialysis Patients

Maysaloon Salah Salem, Mohammed Jassim Shaker , Nabil Khalid Mohammed


Histidine and Humans Disease

Sarab M Alazawi , Wafaa F Rodhan , Fatin F Alkazazz , Baqer Kh Huthefa


Abdominal Migraine among Children in Diyala Province

Dhay Shihab Khleel , Nadhim Ghazal Noaman, Falah Mokheiber Mostafa


Photodamage Effect of UV Rays on Skin on outdoor workers

Firyal K Sadeq , Shahab A Shakir , Ahmed Khalid Abdullah


Unplanned Hospital Visit After Urinary Stone Procedure

Aous Abed AL-Jaleel khaleel , Saad Dakhil Farhan


Diyala Journal of Medicine (DJM) Editorial Board members oversee the peer review process for the journal, including evaluating submissions, selecting reviewers and assessing their comments, and making editorial decisions. Together with Advisory Editorial Board Members they are involved in the development of journal policies and ethics standards and work to promote the DJM mission to provide resources, support, and advice for early-stage researchers in their journey from writing to publishing their scientific papers while at the same time making free public access to scientific research.

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