Amal Hanna Aziz


Background: Aloe Vera contains many inorganic electrolytes like iron, potassium, chromium, copper, sodium, calcium, and zinc that are vital parts that induced the wound healing process as a result of the ability to prevent injury to the epithelium and promote healing of injured tissues. It improves healing by increasing the blood supply and oxygen to the area of injury tissue.

Objective: To evaluate the anti-inflammatory effect of Aloe Vera on wound healing in rats with full thickness flap and insertion of Aloe vera gel at the site of injury throughout analysis of the activity level of serum interleukin-1beta (IL-1β).

Patients and Methods: Fifty five male rats were randomly divided into three groups: A-Aloe vera gel (25 rats), subdivided into (5) subgroups as a test group, B- Chlorhexidine gel (25 rats) was also subdivided randomly into (5) subgroups as a test group. Each subgroup (5rats) was exposed to surgery and filled with (AV) and CHX gel in both. C-non-surgical control group (5 rats) to obtain  baseline data. A sulcular full thickness flap incision was carried out between the two maxillary central incisors. Blood samples for immunological studies were collected by cardiac puncture, at times (3, 5, 7, 10, and14 days) for estimation of serum (IL-1β) levels using Indirect ELISA Technique in all groups.

Results: A highly significant decrease of serum IL-1β in rat group (A) within 3 and 5days post-surgery, then the concentration of this cytokine started to increase on 7,10and 14days post-surgery, which is statistically non significantly affect with the control group (C), where it reaches the level of the control level before surgery.

Conclusion: Aloe vera shows anti-inflammatory effects by decreasing  the inflammation of periodontal tissue post-surgery  which could accelerate healing based on a significant increase in the level of serum (IL-1β), reaching the control level before surgery at 14days, post-surgery that indicated  positive results of this study.


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