Bayan Sabr Ibrahim


Background: The aim of the study was to know noise induces hearing loss and the effect of the noise on peshmerga that participated in the Daesh war in Erbil city. One of the health problems or most common forms of sensorineural is the noise induced-hearing loss. depending on the exposure noise induce cause damaging of the cochlea. So, one of the causes of noise induced hearing loss is  exposure to the excessive noise.

Objective: To determine noise induce hearing loss among peshmerga participated in the Daesh war in Erbil city.

Patients and Methods: In the present study, a total of (253) Peshmerga of four special brigades who exposed to noise in the Daesh war in Erbil city was performed, also pure tone audiogram was done for each peshmerga in the Auditory department at  Hawler teaching hospital. Also, pure tone audiogram and firearm noise levels for the right and left ear for each degree of hearing loss for the range of the noise induced hearing loss (4000Hz) performed and hearing loss range in dB. Slight/Mild from 16-40dB, Moderate/Moderate severe from 41-70dB, and Severe/ Severe profound from 71-120 dB. were evaluated for each peshmerga in the auditory department at Hawler teaching hospital to know the cause of inducing hearing loss. Subjects answered a questionnaire and underwent threshold tonal audiometry.

Results: Two hundred and fifty-three peshmerga who participated in the Daesh war, was enrolled in this study that subdivided into four age groups (20-29), (30-39), (40-49), (50-59) years, pure tone audiogram was done for each peshmerga for right and left ear.

Conclusion: Because of the nature of the profession military, the common disease in the military is induce hearing loss is caused by noise. Hearing is the vital origin during exposure to loud noise. So, prevention is needed and to be a learner with care to the use of hearing protection device.


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