Sura Qais Mahmood Almaroof Issam Tariq Abdul Wahaab


Background: Steven Johnson syndrome (SJS) is a rare disease that is characterized by acute cutaneous manifestation represented by eruptions of the skin and the mucosal membranes. SJS is an immune-mediated disease, a hypersensitive reaction, characterized by hyperpigmentation of the mucous membranes, rash on the skin and multiple bullae and erosions scattered all over the body especially the face, trunk, and the extremities. Many studies reported that the incidence rate of the SJS was about 1.2 – 6 cases/ million each year and it is more common among males while the toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN) is more common among females. In addition to the cutaneous manifestations.SJS might show multiple systemic manifestations including the liver, lungs and kidneys. In this case we reported the development of Steven Johnson syndrome in relation to the use of lamotrigine antiepileptic drug.


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