Bayan Sabr Ebrahim


Background: Shisha involve charcoal, wood, or coal that conation tobacco to heat up. Tobacco inside the shisha called maassel, which often used. So shisha smoking is popular in every country especially among young people. As a result, shisha can be at risk of many clinical signs and symptoms like cough, chest pain, and symptoms of physical risk like hypertension, obesity, reduce body temperature.

Objective: To determine shisha smoking prevalence and associated physical factors among private university students in Erbil city.

Patients and Methods: Eight questionnaires about physical factors were administrated to 250 males and females among students in Erbil city in the present study.

Results: A total of two hundred and fifty individuals included in this study. Mean age of (19.82+2.060) years. There are (164) shisha smokers among males and females private university students in Erbil city. Earlier plan questionnaire for (250) students was tested, (45.6%) were male shisha smoking, and (20%) were female in a cohort study. Compared to cigarette because characteristics in the way that shisha smoking is practiced the frequency of bloating and depth of inhalation smoking.

Conclusion: In the finding despite the scarcity of students indicate the high prevalence of obesity, reduce body temperature and increase blood pressure in shisha smokers. Can conclude in this study that shisha smoking has persistently been drop for, ten years period, increasingly people are turning to more healthy alternatives.


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