Mustafa Abdulkareem Salman


Background: Although there is little information about the prevalence of thyroid disorders in young women, but they are common in Iraq.

Objective: To prevalence of thyroid hormones test abnormality in females at reproductive age attending al-batool maternity teaching hospital

Patients and Methods: This study involved 1570 of reproductive female ages patients at the Al-batool Maternity Hospital in Diyala Province, Iraq. Serum levels of T3, T4, and TSH were measured in this study. According to the conventional definitions of T3, T4, and TSH levels of overt hyper- and hypothyroidism patients were grouped according to their thyroid status at the time of testing.

Results: A total of 1570 subjects were screened of whom 152 subjects (18.6%) had abnormal TSH. The overall prevalence of hyperthyroidism with elevated TSH was 17.4%, of which 1.2% had hypothyroidism with elevated TSH. A low TSH was seen in 1.3% of the study population (P= 0.001). Generally, thyroxin hormone (T4) abnormalities were totaled at 12.02%, of which 10.22% were hypothyroidism and 1.8% was hyperthyroidism. Furthermore, the triiodothyroxin hormone T4 abnormality percentage was 14.84%, compared to hypothyroidism of 3.12% and hyperthyroidism of 11.72%.

Conclusion: Thyroid dysfunction was common in young women. Therefore, females more susceptible to thyroid disorders.


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