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Tadamun H Adbullah Ismail I Latif Khudair Kh Ibrahim


Background: Psoriasis is a multifactorial and inflammatory skin disease. The etiology is not well.  A  large number of cytokines have been shown to be elevated in serum concentration and psoriatic lesion, and the elevation is correlate with psoriasis severity.

Objective: To evaluate TNF-a and TGF-B1 index in psoriasis which could help as predictive marker of severity of psoriasis in Baquba teaching hospital  Iraq.

Patients and Methods: Forty nine patients with psoriasis (27male and 22 female) were included in this study . Their age range between (7-70) years old. The study was performed in Baquba Teaching Hospital during period from December 2018 to June  2019.  Each case was diagnosed by Dermatologist.

Results: In our study we compare the mean, standard deviation and P. value of TNF-a and TGF-B in patients of psoriasis. We have found that psoriasis patients have a highly significant difference  compared to controls(P=0.001) in  both genders.

Conclusion: This study concludes a significant association between tumor necrosis factor alpha and transforming growth factor beta-1 in psoriasis patients in both gender.


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