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Nooruldeen Yaseen Khudhair Salah Noori Mohammed


The objective of this study was to test the effectiveness of a protocol involving intra-vaginal progesterone containing sponges with intramuscular injected PMSG hormone in inducing reproductive activity out the breeding season in Iraqi ewes. This study was conducted in Diyala province in a period lasts from first May until last August 2019. A total of 20 multiparous ewes (2-3 births) from Hamdani breed, were chosen in out of breeding season. All these ewes received vaginal sponges contains 60 mg medroxy progesterone acetate, through intra-vaginal sponges applicator. After 14 days all the vaginal sponges were removed and all ewes were injected by PMSG hormone with 500 IU intramuscularly and launched with the five rams. After 80 days later all the ewes underwent ultrasound technique to diagnose the pregnancy. 16(80%) ewes were diagnosed as pregnant, 8(50%) ewes had twin pregnancy while 7(43.75%) had single pregnancy, and 1(6.25%) ewe bore 4 twins. 4(20%) ewes were not pregnant. It can be concluded that a protocol of estrus synchronization by using the intra-vaginal progesterone containing sponges and PMSG hormone IM injection was effective in inducing the reproductive activity in ewes out the breeding season with highly reproductive efficiency.

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