Diyala Journal of Medicine <p style="text-align: justify;">Diyala Journal of Medicine (DJM) was established according to agreement of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research-foundation of as per authorization letter Number 12c/2433 in 19th August 2010. Fellow up, Started to receiving different manuscripts in all fields of medicine such as clinical, basic, dentist, pharmacology and scientific original articles. Diyala Journal of Medicine usually Deal with articles closely related with clinical problem more common in Iraq and Middle East. Also considered is a periodic peer-reviewed journal published biannually by the College of Medicine in Diyala University. However, review articles of high standards will be considered Writing in English languages with Arabic abstract.</p> <p><span style="font-size: 20px; font-family: Times New Roman;"><span style="font-size: 20px; color: #17365d;">&nbsp;</span></span></p> College of Medicine - University of Diyala en-US Diyala Journal of Medicine 2219-9764 <p>All Rights Reserved.</p> The Impact of Computer- Based Video-games Devices on the Children's Health <p><strong>Background:</strong> Computer video games require great attention and focus, the more exposure to interactive media, the more exposure to challenges that will recommend players to play better and gain more intelligence.</p> <p><strong>Objective:</strong> To identify the health effects on children under five years using computer –based video games by electronic devices including mobile phone,computer and ipad.</p> <p><strong>Patients and Methods:</strong> A cross-sectional study was conducted in Al-Batul teaching hospital, for the period from the first of September /2016 to the 15th January \2017. The study sample included (100) of children aged 1-5 years, attending the hospital for the purpose of treatment, or accompanying their mothers. The Data collected through a questionnaire designed by the researchers.</p> <p><strong>Results:</strong> Revealed that there was statistical significance relationship between electronic devices and mother's educational level which is more in mother with college educational level. There is no significant relationship between children using electronic devices and there residence.&nbsp; High significant statistical relation -ship between children using electronic device and health problems (p -value equal to &lt;0.001), mainly shown for children using electronic device and decrease appetite, hyperactivity, lack of&nbsp; sleep and with attention defect.</p> <p><strong>Conclusion:</strong>Computer-based vedio games associated with behavioral changes like hyperactivity, attention deficit, lack of sleep and loss of appetite.</p> Melad Faiq Jamel Wesam Saadoon Shafiq Salwa Sh Abdul-wahid ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-04-08 2019-04-08 16 1 94 100 Fractional CO2 Laser in Treatment of Surgical and Trumatic Scars <p><strong>Background:</strong> Scars result from chronic wound healing response , leaving behind fibrotic tissue due to irregular collagen formation . There are different types of scar including atrophic , hypertrophic, contracture and keloid scars. Available scar revision therapies depend on the type of scar , and range from topical creams for mild scarring , to grafting in the case of large , traumatic scars . Laser scar revision is an effective method for treating a wide rang of scars that improves skin texture and pigment as well as functional aspects .</p> <p><strong>Objective:</strong>To evaluate the results of using fractional CO<sub>2</sub> laser in the treatment of surgical and traumatic scars.</p> <p><strong>Patients and Methods:</strong> A prospective study in which 35 patients with surgical and traumatic scars situated on different areas of the face , and of different types and size , they were 10(28.6%) males and 25(71.4%) females , their ages ranged from (8-60) years, with a mean age (27.2±8) years . The study was conducted in a private clinic in Kalar City , Al-Sulaymania Province for the period from January 2015 to December 2016 . They were examined and assessed regarding the type of scars , size , duration and previous therapy as well as the reasons behind&nbsp;&nbsp; the consultation of doctor . The patients were divided into three groups according to the type of scar , atrophic , hypertrophic and keloid . All patients were treated by fractional CO<sub>2</sub> laser , different number of sessions were done at monthly interval after topical application of emila for induction of anesthesia , for 45 minutes . The response to treatment was classified into three degrees , good, moderate and poor response .</p> <p><strong>Results:</strong> The patients were divided into three groups according to the type of scar , they were atrophic scar 30(85.7%) patients , hypertrophic 3(8.6%) patients and keloid 2(5.7%) patients . The response to treatment in those with atrophic scars was good in 25(71.4%) patients and moderate in 5(14.3%) , while all patients with hypertrophic scars shows moderate response and those with keloid shows poor response. The sex and age had no significant effects on the response to treatment . Some patients 8(11.4%) developed hyperpigmentation at the site of therapy , specially those with darker skin (type-4) .</p> <p><strong>Conclusion:</strong> It was concluded that fractional CO<sub>2</sub> laser was a good therapeutic selection for the treatment of atrophic surgical and traumatic scars specially in those with white skin complexion .</p> Khudhair Khalaf Al-Kayalli Shahad Khudhair Khalaf Mohammad Husain Motllag ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-03-28 2019-03-28 16 1 50 54 Evaluation of markers CD4+, CD8+, IFN-γ in male smokers in diayla governorate / Iraq <p><strong>Background:</strong> Cigarette smoking habit is widely distribute in the whole world, obviously this bad habit responsible on many diseases which affect the general personal health of the smokers through its effect on the organs of the body in general and the immune system in particular.</p> <p><strong>Objective:</strong>To determination of the smoking effect on some immunity parameters and compare the results with the non-smokers by using IFN-γ, CD4+and CD8+.</p> <p><strong>Patients and Methods:</strong> 45 of smokers blood samples and 44 of non-smokers blood samples are collected. The levels of cellular of IFN-γ,CD4+and CD8+has been determined by using sandwich ELISA test.</p> <p><strong>Results:</strong> The study included 45 smoker that have the average age of 29.60 ( ± ) 10.36 year, while the healthy non-smokers group have 44 person who's have the average age of 26.56 ( ± ) 9.09 years old. When comparing the level of CD4+T cells ,CD8+T and the level of IFN-γwith the number of cigarettes consumed per day, the class (20-1) was found to be the highest average of T cells.while (40-21) were less than average, with no significant difference. When comparing the level of CD4+T cells and the level of CD8+T cells with IFN-γwith smoking duration, the highest mean T-cell (10-6) years and the lowest mean (25-21). The results of the present study showed a statistically significant association between CD4+, CD8+and IFN-γmolecules.</p> <p><strong>Conclusion:</strong> The general results of the tests on the effect of smoking on immunologic markers CD4+, CD8+and IFN-γassumed an increase in the ratio of the three indicators compared to the control group.</p> Sarah Raad Ismail Abbas Abod Farhan Mohmmed Abdul Daim Saleh ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-03-28 2019-03-28 16 1 10 20