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Dalya Falih Ahmed Maha Mustafa


Background:Toxoplasma gondii is an obligatory intracellular protozoan parasite. The infection with toxoplasmosis is a major opportunistic pathogen in patients who are immunocompromised like patients having cancer disease. Electronic databases were reviewed for T. gondii infection in cancer patients. The estimation collected prevalence of toxoxplasmosis infection in different types of cancer patients (p < 0.001), This review was designed to evaluate the seroprevalence rate of toxoplasmosis infection among cancer patients in Iraq and its neighboring countries from 2010 to 2019. The searching process was included of 15 studies. The results of current review showed that toxoplasmosis infection in patients with malignancy had a higher prevalence in Iraqi patients compared with its neighboring countries (P < 0.001). This review hypothesized to focus on the T. gondii and its serious outcomes, and its crucial role in pathogenesis with different kinds of cancer, also to carry out further studies and research to prevent and control toxoplasmosis among populations infect with different kinds of cancer worldwide.


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