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Mohammed Ali Hussein Aqeel Abbas Noaman Ali Abass Aboud


Background:Hypertension is one of the most common disorders affecting on the heart,blood vessels , brain and kidney and it is considered is a very common disease and frequent with diabetes , Conversely, it is responsible for one of four premature deaths in developed countries.

Objective: To evaluate the most important factors that cause hypertensive  and to study their effects on patients .

Patients and Methods: This study was conducted at Baquba Teaching Hospital in the recovery unit for the period from 1/10/2017 until 1/3/2018 The study included 100 patients with hypertensive (44 male , 56 female) to compare them  with 25 healthy persons (11 male , 14female) , was measuring blood pressure and has been done a questionnaire for each patient included (Age, BMI , Smoking , Number of hours sleep , Drinking beverages  , Chronic diseases)  and then by revulsion (2 cc) of blood to measured fasting blood glucose .

Results: The results of the study indicates that there is a significant differences at p<0.05 levels of systolic blood pressure , fasting blood glucose , hours of sleep , soft drinks , chronic diseases , smoking .

Conclusion: The increase in smoking , soft drinks affects on the level of blood pressure directly, and the decrease of sleep associated with high blood pressure , and most diabetics patients  are more prone to hypertension.


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