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Mohammad Hadi Faris Ahmed Methab Athab Rokan M Fadhil


Background: Tuberculosis remains a major public health problem internationally, causing 9.6 million new cases and 1.5 million deaths worldwide, Tuberculosis (TB) has become one of the most important diseases in the past two decades. It leads to organ dysfunction, mortality and various clinical manifestations. Previous studies have shown that sera from patients with active TB may contain autoantibodies that are unique in autoimmune diseases.

Objective: To detect the prevalence of wide array of autoantibodies in sera    of patients with tuberculosis compared with healthy control subject.

Patients and Methods: A consecutive patients with recently diagnosed pulmonary and extra pulmonary {axial & peripheral joints TB} , mean age 36.2 years . 41 males and 21 females . the autoantibodies are R.F lgM, ANA , anti cls DNA. P-ANCA , ACL, ENA,SSA, SSB . RNP SM SCL70}.

Results: Mean duration of symptoms 15.69 & 15.70(SD) months . 82% had fever , 39.3% had cough and hemoptysis . 27% had arthralgia and myalgia , 31.1% are diabetic and 24% are smoker serum level above the upeer normal limits were found in 25.7% of patients with RF ,ANA was 8.8% , 20% , 6.3% in pulmonary , peripheral , axial TB respectively , P-ANCA 10% , 6.3% & for anti DNA was 5% , 10% ,7 6.3% for pulmonary , peripheral & axial :ACL was 33.3 , 12.5 pulmonary , axial TB,ENA was {SCL70 3.2% , SM 3.2% , RNP3.2%, SSA 8.1%   SSB 6.5%}.

Conclusion: R F: Rheumatoid Factor--Anti ds DNA: Anti-deoxyribonucleic acid (double strand).-ACL: Anti cardiolipin Antibody.-ANCA: Anti neutrophil cytoplasmic Antibody.-ANA: Anti nuclear Antibody.-ENA: Extractable Nuclear Antigen. S: Significant.    N-S: Not Significant.Pul: Pulmonary.TB: Tuberculosis .AFB:Acidfastbacilli.


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